Sunday, January 8, 2012

Will commence classes tomorrow.

And thinking twice for the subjects that I registered.

Am I fucking sure with my decisions?

I 2nd thought myself

Hmm.... What now

Its too late

Hello college

Hello life



Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Eve and such

Went to this restaurant that was supposed to be awesome for new year eve

See, the fat guy went. 

And their famous...standing chicken
Neh, just this. Don't find it very special =_=

The 猪油饭 =) Pork oil rice lol

awesome nom nom vege :D

Uncle fighting with the chicken HAHA

and the 东波肉 ;)

After that went back to uncle house to countdown, as usual. And made tong yuen :)

Jojo. Grown.

Hee :')

Anyway, was busy these few days. Annual house keeping, zap uk!

Damn tiring but worth it ;)

Got a new table for my new busy college life!

Found this mini fire truck that I did, DIY. SUPER DUPER CUTE :DD

Can even turn the ladder and make it go higher :p

 This was just a random sort of 素 lunch, nomness ;)


Signing off,