Thursday, July 15, 2010

All i want is a simple life =)

trying to avoid those rubbish yet how stupid i was for believing that it was all alright

yes you're a troublesome little brat

and i hate it.


everything's going to be fine =)

I'm very busy.

with practice, with competition, with school, with tuition.

or you can just say that now, i don't like to talk about my stuff out to public anymore

I did lots of stupid stuff lately

ridiculous =)

lots of stuff happened

that not even the best friends know.

and so,  i gave up =)

"you're the best decision I've ever made, i just forgot" - TV

this is nice =)

krazee JACKS.

just enjoy the stage bah.

not like we could do any other stuff =]

all the best :)

he have no idea, but at least you do =)