Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm finally back

for the 89126419412983091496219071099463987520 times LOL

So, I'm finally back, with a new header

as the usual way to apologize to my readers for my absenties xDD

i didn't go online for quite a while, why?  exams loh, what else?

worst part of exams is acne. ngargh last minute studies, ew

" are you, Carmen?"

"Let me just show you how am i =D"

Ahem wtf, anyway, this is my cousin's kid =)

And the awesomesauce roti tissue OMFG! AWESOME!

and I had...candle light dinner? =.=

And I cook by myself =D

Bacon and egg sandwich =DDD  ...Yes i fail and i even hurt myself -.-

And this is Biology Supertest 2

Hah, teacher have to give so much tips to us XDD!

and this is what he did to my paper when I change my answer to the wrong 1 =_=

And I draw each page with a smiley there, in the end, i got back a Superman logo at every page too =.=

and I overnight at my aunt's house and baked cookie on the next day which is Mother's Day.

Don't love the cookie at all =.=! I'm such a failure FML -.-

and Oh yea, this is how my dog looks like now, other than the word "omfg", I don't know what to say

He's an emo dog when he came back from his hair cut LOL

But what to do, all his bulu tangle up =/ has to membotakkan him ._.

Ps : how many "and" have i used? LOL XD

A cup with the old man at the place where i grew up =)

Malaysia has their own beautiful sky too =)

Who says the moon looks better from the other side? ;D

Drew a few stuff during exam =)

PS : my sejarah freaking pass. HAH! XD

*revive blog! revive!!*


Friday, May 7, 2010

No one understands you

its just that who tolerate you with the most =)

exam around the corner

like...what the heck?

exam format still not clear



the 1st term got 32nd place among all the form4's

this mid term...hahahahahhahaha -_- no eye see


and I don't know what to say la =)

so bored of the internet nowadays

I'm online now to watch a video for choir only


im so in to cooking nowadays =P

end up? cuts around my hands HAHAHAHA

seriously, I damn funny 1. I don't know why

born to be joker HAHA wtf =.=

...I think I should shuddup


PS : hope Krazee JACKS won't happy anything =]


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Might as well let this blog die again


and I don't know why my friend's so 8 geh


and...yes, I very busy. Sorry, my one-and-only-fan, Kar Hou goh XDDD