Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trip to Singapore (2)

takes a long time to take the tickets, stupid counter, so tak flexible. ngah x.x

it was drizzling, such a sad day. but hey, nothing will stop me from having fun :P!

Once you enter, you'll be at the Hollywood zone =D

There's lots of stuff there, like their stores and dining place

A happy mom when she sees popcorns XD

Another attraction of Hollywood, selling camera accessories and they also can take pictures for you

wanted to take, thought we could use our coupon, den fail -.- have to pay, ended up we gu hon HAHA =X

As all of us know, Hollywood is full of stars =D
So, that is Betty Boop. Also saw Frankenstein's Monster, Woody Woodpecker and Kungfu Panda.

Too bad didn't have a chance to see Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Beetlejuice etc :'(

Its something like that, most of the shops are fake XD

So don't simply open the door HAHA =X

This is 1 of the very cool diner. We had our lunch here ;D Its so 70's which makes it really cool!

This is the Panstages Hollywood Theatre featuring the Universal Monster in a rock-and-roll musical =)

I didn't watch it 'cause aunt say it wasn't very interesting

but you can have a go

make sure u check the show time ;D

Ok la, I know I very lame =P

That's a fake cake anyway XD

Calling a cab XD

I think its New York zone already, no more Hollywood. Cant really differentiate, hmmmm

The sets there are so cool =)

See? There's even a subway ;D

And I'm gonna stop here