Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to Sentosa, Singapore (1)

I probably gonna make it into 2 post or more


And looking back at the photos still put a big smile on my lovely gorgeous face X) HAHA

Too bad I didn't get a chance to see BENJAMIN  :'(

He was too busy for me tsk tsk. LOL


Woke up in the morning, read the newspaper, saw the papers talking bout Universal Studio ;D!!

First day,

Start the journey to breakfast, then went to bird nest factory.

Ok lah, I have to say, bird nest very nice :P

Then went to bee museum
Yeah, I barely look in it, was too sleepy and...insects disgust me, no offence -.-

then blah, buy stuff and went for lunch

Then wah liao, went to see this piece of wood  from the very old tree

somehow if you touch it, your luck will be better

the story is that some guy found this tree and think its very nice, but the tree was very dirty, so he chop it and take it home, den he start cleaning it, the more he clean, more animals structure starts to appear, and his business was gradually better. then there goes this place

and the tree can really find all sorts of animals structure, no joke, really got 1 o.o

and the wood is very smooth because the guy there say ppl touch until so smooth geh o.0

but I'm not sure about the luck, try it yourself ;D
But this place need entrance fee, RM10 if I'm not mistaken

Haha, ssshhh, my cousin and I went in without paying :P

but we never touch the wood, just went in and look see. LOL XD


After dinner, start to check in at 11@Century, its quite nice 'cause just renovated and looks very new and clean =)

not bad ;D

my..."lovely" aunt ==...

This is where we have our breakfast for the next day ;D

hmmm, spacious but the food was just okay o.0

during the night, cousin and I watch a movie cause we was too excited for the next day

dim ji, we're so tired in the morning HAHA

then pack stuff and get ready to go :)

Ready to bok satt xD

go sentosaaaaaa

Reach the car park, it was huge o.o

See? HUGE o.o  or maybe i 3 fan lah, whatever -.-

Went in :) lots of ppl in front of the casino, gamble, tsk tsk
Yes, early in the morning, kosong. :D

actually all the people are behind me LOL, just that coincidently everyone was just not there, and i manage to capture the picture of it ;D

she...looks like a witch...oops

while waiting for aunt ( tour guide ) to take us around

the ceiling o.0 according to the email i receive, the criss cross ceiling is for fengshui ._.

Escalator =) the lights are awesome, actually there should be fishes (light) at the ceiling too.

and according to the email again, ALSO for feng shui o.0

And this is a very weird statue

Elephant with giraffe legs, don't ask me why. according to the email, ...(you know what)

oh yea, those feng shui are actually killing the yin and yang or yong whatever of the gamblers so they lose more money o.o

Then walk through shops, all branded yo o.o so grand and classy :)

awesome mannequin right?  long long neck XD

This is Adam and Eve, at the exit of casino, they say people lose until no shirt HAHA XD

and I don't know why Adam geh so small XD
Outside :D

can see Merlion from here ;D

Very nice yo, the place its clean. and the services are great, maybe because its still new, 2nd day of opening only o.0

such a lost kid, no? "Disneyland" HAHAHA XDD

She's my cousin's cousin  anyway :P

Walking to USS :D

and note the floor, its wet =( yeah its drizzling :'( sobs

And there's this super awesome popcorn shop in front of the ticket counter

The yellowish is cheese popcorn, and the other, look at it, each and every popcorn has caramel AAAAHHHHHHHH X) SWEET SWEET CARAMEL OMG


This is just sort of a intro, wait till i post about INSIDE the USS. AWEEESESSOMMMEE T_T




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