Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip to Singapore (3)

 just a random picture of me LOL

Forgotten to say on the last post of Singapore that when you're in New York zone, don't forget to go for Lights! Camera! Action! hosted by Steven Spielberg. I swear, damn worth it. till now I'm still fascinated by it D8!!!!

Back to Universal Studio Singapore =)

This is Sci-Fi City :D everything here is about the future

Look at all the mist =D damn cool okay XD and there's a small girl there playing with the mist LOL

...sorry, i memang so lame 1 =P

This is 1 of those small kids game named Accelerator. The one spinning around geh.
Since we have plenty of time, we went to sit on it LOL
Mom screaming all the way -_-

Then we went to take our lunch at Mel's Diner as i mentioned. while walking back to Hollywood zone.

A sneakpeak of Ancient Egypt? =)

Another sneakpeak? XD

This is 1 of the back lane we pass by =D

Mel's Diner =D! damn 50's lo =D

Jukebox yo!

This is what I order, fried chicken burger if I'm not mistaken. not bad actually =D yumms

A mini old jukebox, damn cool wei x)

Then walk back to the games =D
The big tree is Madagascar tree ;D and look at the roller coaster, hohohoho awesome yoo!! x)

LOL ain't this cute ;D discovery food court to match Jurassic Park in The Lost World =D

That's all, just too lazy to blog :)

Next post for USS maybe about Far Far away ;D

Oh yea, I forgotten to tell you all that I have so many time to walk around its because I went during the 2nd day of opening. The first 3 days, they only allow 3000 customers to enter because their staffs are still new and they don't want to crowd the place with people like what Hong Kong Disneyland did. Ain't that great?
I think till now, they're still controlling the number of customers o.0



這次的演出, 可説比往年失敗



也不知爲什麽大家都那麽的“活潑”, 總是不聽話

換來的  就是這些

但還好第二首歌不錯 =) 挺開心的





而且他也不是第一次上台表演  規矩也應該熟練了

我真的服了他 -.- 無言

all i can say is, my blog is dead =D

too busy lalala~

blog when i have the mood



Sunday, April 18, 2010

I don't know why my lab report like never ending 1 o.0

finish 1 then another 2, hmmmmm =/

seeing this picture again filled me with nostalgia

 Similar, no? =D

No joke, i miss the girls =)

Too busy, maybe next time only continue with a proper post

Ciaoz yo!


Thursday, April 15, 2010









人類  都很奇怪




Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just some random post

The pictures are from my mobile, so all kinda random =)

The other day went for qing ming at Semenyih

Pass by Ulu Langat

They have lots of old buildings there, no? Some are like 80+ years already. Awesome.

And this is Nilai Memorial Park, love the scenery =)

So peaceful on the actual day of Qing Ming o.0

This was quite long ago. Connaught tak de electricity. Thought I could skip tuition, but I very duh hardworking, still go and have a look. Then when I just get out from the door, electricity back. Ngah.

This was lagi long, was studying for exam in the middle of the night with lights shining from the window

He was an emo dog when I'm back from school =(

I miss port dickson =(   Not the beach, but the resort. Private pool weih =(((

This is a story book, with my nick name in it =P It was a nice story, duh XD

White Coffee Hot chocolate from Old town =) yumms

 With 饒雪漫 Sharon's story book. Kinda like her stories o.0

Love this shirt, from aunt =)

And I went out with the girls too

The usual from us, movie and singing
We hardly get to go out together, we're just so busy =/!

except for this Chicken, she's the one always out, proof that she very dak han, and mou liu =p
and yes, I edited the picure wrongly, shouldn't be 雞犬不寧 =X  blur jor XD

And i post all these craps is because I don't wanna drown my blog with Universal Studio Singapore  =D


Majlis Hari Anugerah soon, choir practice soon, can skip class again lu HAHAHA =D

PS : its just a temporary header =)


Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm so stupid

So silly


embarrassing myself again and again

when will i feel ashame?

i was stupid to ever thought of that

now, wake up

because there's someone so much greater there waiting for me =)

yeah you, sms me now!! =D


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trip to Singapore (2)

takes a long time to take the tickets, stupid counter, so tak flexible. ngah x.x

it was drizzling, such a sad day. but hey, nothing will stop me from having fun :P!

Once you enter, you'll be at the Hollywood zone =D

There's lots of stuff there, like their stores and dining place

A happy mom when she sees popcorns XD

Another attraction of Hollywood, selling camera accessories and they also can take pictures for you

wanted to take, thought we could use our coupon, den fail -.- have to pay, ended up we gu hon HAHA =X

As all of us know, Hollywood is full of stars =D
So, that is Betty Boop. Also saw Frankenstein's Monster, Woody Woodpecker and Kungfu Panda.

Too bad didn't have a chance to see Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Beetlejuice etc :'(

Its something like that, most of the shops are fake XD

So don't simply open the door HAHA =X

This is 1 of the very cool diner. We had our lunch here ;D Its so 70's which makes it really cool!

This is the Panstages Hollywood Theatre featuring the Universal Monster in a rock-and-roll musical =)

I didn't watch it 'cause aunt say it wasn't very interesting

but you can have a go

make sure u check the show time ;D

Ok la, I know I very lame =P

That's a fake cake anyway XD

Calling a cab XD

I think its New York zone already, no more Hollywood. Cant really differentiate, hmmmm

The sets there are so cool =)

See? There's even a subway ;D

And I'm gonna stop here