Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm finally back :D!

so I'll post about Ipoh

As most of you all know, my parents and I are very spontaneous =P

Night time say go Ipoh, next morning went

Stop by for toilet and fruits

Mom was so addicted with fruits, I don't know why =.=

Since I didn't eat breakfast, and couldn't tahan the hungriness

:D :D got this for my "breakfast" YUMMS!!!!! JAMOCA COFFEE XD SEDAPNYAAA

and wednesday pink day <3 get cheaper woo hoo!

On the way there, lots of suggestion about where to go

-.-  Johor, Kelantan, Penang blah blah blah

In the end still end up there -___-

Reach Ipoh after long drive :)

Had a great chat with my parents in the car

No doubts that my parents rawk ;D

The day was bright and sunny

and bloody hot

Sorry, i hate being bloody hot -.-

Saw the mountains kena cut for the marble

=( bad for environment tsk tsk

The town was confusing -.-

the new town looks older than the old town wtf =.=

Don't you think their buildings are so great?

So...sejarah-ish HAHAHA XD




Ok la, I know I'm laughing by myself -.-

Lots of funny names XD!!

There's even a Public Gold opposite of Public Bank x))

made me laugh the whole journey =X

Driving around the town to look for good food

Dad couldn't find the awesome food he yearn for

So went for the tauge ayam kuetiao

Lots of traveling bus come for lunch

"THE MOST FAMOUS blah blah blah IN IPOH"

Even itu tou tou aso come and eat o.0

Personally, i just like the chicken -.-

The soup was too salty =/

and kuetiao all stick together 1 wtf, i chopstick noob, cant take =_=

We still finish it, was too hungry x(!!

Dad still ask the worker about another store that he wants to go -.-

Then we went to look for more food :D

Went inside some shops that sell those local biscuits and such
Dad still asking for the shop =.=

Saw lots of marshmallow, take it to show Mei Kei. LOL

but she saw this picture in my phone ady pft!

Went here to buy the roast duck and yim gook gai

everyone says its awesome?


but i think its just normal?

maybe I'm used to good food yummms =D

Dad saw opposite ada ppl line up for soya bean

then went to buy for me =D

I'm a happy kid with soya bean HAHA

Then went to search for more food :)

Finally found the coffee shop that dad was looking for =D

The boss first time sell so sikit chee cheong fun XD

bun tiu with jiong, another bun tiu with...i forgotten

love the pohpiah OMG


Coffee was great too :) :)

im a coffee freak xD

Wanted to go to those tokong

but dad cant find it

Sooooo, went back

post about ji mui outing soon

PS : Universal Studio Singapore was awesome T_T!!!! AAWWEESSOOMMMEEE T_T!
PPS : tmr exam result FML MAX

nom nom nom,