Wednesday, March 3, 2010


CNY over, no more angpow, no more gambling

Worst part is, exam.

and I'm like somekind of God-like dude that's gonna get A's without studying. kai wan xiao!

and no joke, i dye my dog's hair with my hair color, macam HARIMAU! XD

fai cai o.o?

So yeah, the kaki kaki came to my house during CNY :)

Glad they had fun, especially the singers LOL XD

yeah gambling around :O "YESSSS!" (inside joke wtf)

And the condo had a CNY party. I got angpow :D

RM70, for my PMR results.

awesome, i know.

"Haiwan Suci. Simply fresh and halal" LOL XD HAHA

and look at my BOBO. sleep kat my leg :)

post bout bkt tinggi soon. see ya

i woke up from my dream and face reality,
that's how the decision came to me.
and though i said so, i still miss the dream.