Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bobo :)

Okay, as promise, post bout my dog ;D!

my super duperb dog XD

The other day my bro was packing his luggage for Redang. Then....


hahahaha he was so comfortable inside. wouldn't wanna come out XD

Hahahaha he was having so much fun :P

He ownself go terbalik den look at me 1 -.- ban hor ngoi

Mami wanna cut his bulu again :'(!! i fatt lan zha :(

Bro helping him to wear his shirt just now XD

So leng zai nerhxZxZXyASdkjkfdwauieh   LOL

"Unstoppable" T shirt on an unstoppable dog -.-


That's all for now XD Bkt tinggi soon :)