Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bkt Tinggi during Zap Goh Meh :D

Ok this wasn't zap goh meh, but is also during CNY

Look at the huge pot of vegeterian, so...omg -.-

Ok now, the main thing. Uncle Lim, which is my uncle, decided to buy us dinner for zap goh meh.
So all of us went up to Bukit Tinggi with his bus :D

 While waiting for the bus, all of us had some snacks. special yumms for aunt's nin gou :D SO NICE!

First thing that I do in the bus was moral essay FML

Sad to max ok, before leaving, i go pack my bag, den only realize moral essay was due the next day.
Mr.Chew somemore FML!

Dad in the bus, as usual, kacau -.-"
Cousins brought their boyfriends along, usual, kena punk by my dad x.x
For those who know my dad, dad always like that 1 =D

Reach the restaurant
The back view, so kampung. me likey :)
They plant their own vegetables yo! healthy :D :D
Always different kind of vegetables when I'm there :D

Mini Farm -.-
the place was quite decorative actually. so cute :O!
They have like those sign saying wad kind of plant it is, though some terbalik ady -.-

their open air toilet LOL xD


New born XD

Aunt and my favorite nephew :) half malay half chinese yo! damn handsome <3 XD
Too bad he can't really speak chinese. BUT SERIOUSLY, HANDSOME =D

Taking the kids to see the "Farm"
Kids are just so cute, no? :)


See the 2 kids there? omg they're super cute.
The girl wouldn't stop talking, like seriously. EVEN MORE TALKATIVE THAN AMANDA XD
And the other is my leng zai nephew =)

Goose, the "guard dog". fierce to max o.0

I found Mei Kei's friends there :)) so many of them =D!


Walking around before dinner starts
such a cool place to chill :)
All I can say is nature rocks ;D

Drink for the night =)

And later on when dinner starts, all makan and no more cameras

After makan, the camera out again, except mine =X

The moon was specially round and pretty :]

"Wish u were here to see it with me, awww XDD!!!"