Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

As usual, every year, most of the family will have their spring cleaning.

Gosh, stress. LOL

House also dah change a bit

Wall aso gonna paint

Grill aso change liao

:) love me house

Booboo loves it too, more space to run around XD

found some stuff while cleaning :) sweet sweet memories

1 of my best artwork?

my seni folio :) if any of you read The Star's comic section. heh, recognize those characters?

Johny Bravo (THANK YOU VERY MUCH~), Simpsons, and monkey

Took me so long to draw and colour -_-

drew this when I was young. Mom helped to enhance it. :)

also found lots of movie tickets <3 this is the one i wentwith ji mui, and so kor. 
the first movie with 4 ji mui together :) MONEY NO ENOUGH XD

Merdeka performance at Dataran Merdeka during Hari Merdeka '08 <3
ever lasting memories. loves.
I made this when I was in primary school. The Box of Joy.
There's papers for you to fill in your happy memories then you throw in the box.
Open the notes that day, found lots of memories <3
and know my brother loves me a lot too :)

Gonna sell it when I'm older, ANTIQUE WEI!!!! :D

My birthday party :D CAN YOU SPOT KYLE?! HAHA

Last but not least,

Mua :D