Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you all damn out lo.

all write back connaught's carnival

i more pro

i back from sabah xD!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

All i want is a simple life =)

trying to avoid those rubbish yet how stupid i was for believing that it was all alright

yes you're a troublesome little brat

and i hate it.


everything's going to be fine =)

I'm very busy.

with practice, with competition, with school, with tuition.

or you can just say that now, i don't like to talk about my stuff out to public anymore

I did lots of stupid stuff lately

ridiculous =)

lots of stuff happened

that not even the best friends know.

and so,  i gave up =)

"you're the best decision I've ever made, i just forgot" - TV

this is nice =)

krazee JACKS.

just enjoy the stage bah.

not like we could do any other stuff =]

all the best :)

he have no idea, but at least you do =)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

i feel like blogging too


the pictures are in the comp

don't know whether i can make it for the competition or not pft =.=

gimme more tiimmmeeeee T_T


Thursday, June 24, 2010

got 3rd in class

is funny how joy doesn't fill the heart at all =)

Krazee JACKS try our best lah =)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

went out =)

life is so boring no? NO

going out almost everyday ;D

even went for swims

oh yea
used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit this ;D

yes its a challenge. so what? ;D no big deal =D


Monday, June 14, 2010

Surprise party

All I can say about it its just..LETIH x.x

took very long to plan this whole thing

and thanks the parents for paying so much out :)

we have to go online almost everyday to check on Facebook's inbox

damn sad XD

This is her present. Full of memories :)

Took so long for me to prepare everything =/ pft

somemore almost every picture, got some words to her xD

LOL my msg HAHAHAH. eh took so much time okay. 'cause I dah jadi banana.
so i need to check on the computer for the words that I don't know how to write =.= FML

and mask -.- this is Kar Hou's
at first I made 1 full face mask(pig) for myself...fail max ==

before that night, Kar Hou, Mei Kei and I so busy LOL
3 of us chatting and doing the last minute work
whoa, so late only sleep

den next morning woke up early

met up at the playground near her house =)

Hot weather pft

All blowing balloon XD

i very hardworking =P help kei draw her chicken mouth XD

this 1 lagi hardworking. sleep =.=

XD siew gai so cute

  tengok? last min work HAHA

den draw kat balloon ;D

woots! nice pic ;D

after preparing everything and everyone is here, we start to move =D

so hard to keep them moving without noise =.=

her sister take us in to the kitchen then start to scold her to come down for breakfast

then tipu her into the kitchen xD

then all of us HAPPY BDAAYYY!!! and all the balloons throw to her =P

hahahaahhah, as usual, her OMFG shouts =.=

then went to camwhore kejap =P

ji muii with our balloons ;D she don't have mask HAHAHAHA

the poh's =D

group pic XD dou say ok pose damn famous laaaa

then the parents take us out for makan =)

so good XD fetch all of us go


food was good too =D

bobo and bear bear XD

then some of them follow back to her house

me and kei tipu her we got tuition so we have to go back early

qiao and kar hou are following our car so hv to ciao aso

 actually the father fetch us to LM xD

this is at her house, while i'm not there
full of balloons =p

Our mask XD i made the bear bear mask for Kar Hou LOL XD and my pig mask underneath.
the one using yellow manila card is Kok Hoong's awesome mask XD

Mei Kei's present =)

If I'm not mistaken, that's my platic bag I think XD
the yellow 1 is my mom's present

sakai see till cry XD

my pig balloon! so cute omg =DD
duh I draw 1 mah =DD

so while all of them are playing in her house, we went to LM to book the k room and well...take the cake =/

was so bored so we kept on camwhore HAHA

while we're waiting for Wei Hoe, there's clown making balloon for kids

and...our face skin very thick geh ;D

so yeah...we Kar Hou asked for rabbit balloon LOL

...and many more HAHA XDD but the pink swan is because we were standing there so long beside the stage, the clown gave us 1 swan HAHAHA.
maybe because he's bored too xD

this is her. tergam dong HAHAHA her crying face XD
we never disappoint her father, we made her cry LOL

then all of the others come also ;D

Lai family finally got quen ga fuk ;D

babi XD

camwhore! =D


model's pose HAHAHA

then left few of us ;D
after how many attempt only we successfully took this pic with everyone inside LOL

so much food x)))

ok laaaa, more details den you have to be there to know ady LOL XD



Thursday, June 10, 2010


and i wanna post bout the competition..but =( stupid camera geh memory card so weird =/

donno how now =/

have to wait for him to transfer for me =/


Monday, June 7, 2010

This is officially a dead blog.

I don't know why ppl still bother to come here LOLLLL


Ok i'll update it about a competition soon :)

wanna win camera wtf


Friday, June 4, 2010



ps : i don't know why my OK pose so famous liao :S  lei dei ok mou? *OK POSE* LOL XD


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm finally back

for the 89126419412983091496219071099463987520 times LOL

So, I'm finally back, with a new header

as the usual way to apologize to my readers for my absenties xDD

i didn't go online for quite a while, why?  exams loh, what else?

worst part of exams is acne. ngargh last minute studies, ew

"So...how are you, Carmen?"

"Let me just show you how am i =D"

Ahem wtf, anyway, this is my cousin's kid =)

And the awesomesauce roti tissue OMFG! AWESOME!

and I had...candle light dinner? =.=

And I cook by myself =D

Bacon and egg sandwich =DDD  ...Yes i fail and i even hurt myself -.-

And this is Biology Supertest 2

Hah, teacher have to give so much tips to us XDD!

and this is what he did to my paper when I change my answer to the wrong 1 =_=

And I draw each page with a smiley there, in the end, i got back a Superman logo at every page too =.=

and I overnight at my aunt's house and baked cookie on the next day which is Mother's Day.

Don't love the cookie at all =.=! I'm such a failure FML -.-

and Oh yea, this is how my dog looks like now, other than the word "omfg", I don't know what to say

He's an emo dog when he came back from his hair cut LOL

But what to do, all his bulu tangle up =/ has to membotakkan him ._.

Ps : how many "and" have i used? LOL XD

A cup with the old man at the place where i grew up =)

Malaysia has their own beautiful sky too =)

Who says the moon looks better from the other side? ;D

Drew a few stuff during exam =)

PS : my sejarah freaking pass. HAH! XD

*revive blog! revive!!*