Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sailors outing 21.12.09

Ok first of all, i get 7A1B for my PMR :) *big smile*
Chinese get B *dammit* =O

Kasturi-an all get 7A wei xD not bad not bad :)
grats to everyone :)

ANYWAY, went outing with the sailors.
I reached there first, sendiri jalan jalan. sendiri fikir fikir. :)

hearts reindeer yo!

Barbie's competition winner's products.
got those in wedding gown ey!
that morning i read newspaper also saw 1 photographer take photos of newlyweds. very niceee!!
make me wanna get marry HAHAHA XD

wanted to watch movie or karaoke, but because of me =X heh. sorry =X

So went shopping the whole day. TIRED TIRED x.x!!

take pictures too :) since is been long since we went out together. hardly get to go out all together =/

after choosing the right picture. the usual me, go kacau other pictures :D


den all start kacau xD

ying so dark o.o


mou yan oi :(


us :)

night tuition was so omg. my leg was so tired x.x!
and i didn't buy anything kerana tak cukup $$
nvm, i spot everything ady. bring mama there and go buy with me :D

sweet sweet day :)
love u guys muah *hugs and kisses*