Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For the sake of fun

as the title, my dad and I went out to The Gardens because we wanted to watch Avatar. but FULL. then Bodyguard and Assassins. FULL. Zombieland, 18PL. They don't allow me to buy. Yeah I know. B and A also 18PL but they allow me to buy. Hmmm =/

So dad and I decided to just go to the Red Box beside the cinema and sing :))
love the wall hehehehe :D

Mom joined us later.had a great time with my parents. bonding yo!
dad and I enjoyed their buffet very much LOL

Then there's a santarina came in and gave free sweets. we can take a picture with her too, the manager will send me the pictures ;D

the waiter there was very sweet also. :) we told him we never eat the nuts but have to charge. so i asked whether can pack it back home or not. then he let me choose some crackers and let me take back home. then we jokingly say we got no more drinks, he took 1 glass of water for us. awh :)

then shopped a while with my mumah. keep on rush her back for Battleground '09 finals :D

can't believe i was so excited for it. but then Elecoldxhot didn't win :( maybe is because they're past year champion. but still, awh :( *BIG SAD*

then after that, parents and I went all the way to Genting just to yum Starbucks. very misty wei! and cooling! shiok!

is been so many years since I went up there  :)

stopped by McD for my dinner :D

reached there. excited :X!! cause of the damn weather. JUST TOO SHIOK =X

online there with their Signature Hot Chocolate. yumms! nom nom nom!!

after that walk around inside

When we wanted to go back, dad took the other road. which was so dark. and misty (much more worse than the picture on top). scary wei, you can like, drop off the cliff anytime o.o! den we U-turn and get back to the right road. fuh o.o

reach home around 2+ :)

it was funn <3

next post, Sailors outing or my dog? hmmm, readers choice?