Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Since the day I'm gone =)

There's been lots and lots of things going around my world :)

Even consider to close down this blog

So yeah let me tell you what happened (not bout closing the blog)

I went to Cameron
(don't know where i saved the picture to)

I went to Kuching

I won essay writing competition. First place.

I won movie vouchers ticket from Nuffnang

I'm having my PMR exam *duh*

I've join Sony Photography Nature Competition and wasted 2 days for it. Ended up teacher never register for us. (Maybe I'll post it in another post, lovely pictures ;D)

I got my class pictures and choir pictures

and found out that our head of prefect, Samuel is very duh funneh xD

Got a new phone because my old one finally cacated ;D

Got a karaoke set

Got the new comp
(no picture)

Having the best day ever
boom boom POW g-g-get it get it~ xD

Mom back from Taiwan and bought lots of stuff for me ;D

And I'm making a new header, so there it is :D


with love,