Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hari Keusahawanan '09

Jeng jeng jeng~

Yesterday was a blast =D

Reach there and wait for the stalls to set up.

Helped my stall a little XD!

My class XD

Frying the nugget. The nugget not fully cooked 1 wtf HAHA
Luckily we curi tried it before selling it XD

The other Carmen in my class :D!

After that walk around selling fruits wtf

The funny part was that they cut the onions before cutting the watermelon

Then the watermelon taste like...onions ._.

Yumm :D

Then went to walk around :)

The worst part was the haunted house.

form 4's haunted house was having a long queue so we went to the 3E's

But the line was a disaster. People coming later than us are getting in earlier than us.

Wtf? Queue there for so damn long. Deng. =.=

we nvr went in anyway. got fed up.

Chicken working XD

"ew so disgusting!!!"

Yeah random ._.

Fei tong yuen :)! My favorite teacher :D

Kok Dong XD

Zhi Yang :)

This year Hari Keusahawanan rocks

Why? 'cause they sell random stuff also

Coconut drink and otak otak!

The otak - otak :D

Sweet corns!

And the best, LO BAK KOU~ XD


After that went for the water fight between Amanda and Edwin.

I was in Amanda's group...obviously ._.

And amazingly, we won them just in like what? 1 or 2 minutes?

Then they let us sapu XD

And went makan makan~

Then bball gang perform :)

"If you're happy and you know you clap your hand!"
Zhuin : -claps!!-

x) zhuin so happy eh~

See? proof XD

Actually she was trying to tickle us, but the camera snap before both of us @!$&@$!! xD

Later on, water fight between Kent and I.

All of us was like, die mou -_- all so tall and blahs


2 boys and 3 girls. VS 4 college boys and Alex.


Splash on Kent XD
Get splash back by Kent -.-

Overall, damn fun :)

I got the picture of the day but then, I'll probably let Bean scold until I die XD

So, too bad.

Went for tuition and shopping after that.

Exhausted yet worth it :)


PS : Finally a proper and short post ;D HAPPY OR NOT!?

PPS : There's more pictures in 3 DEC's blog!