Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday - June and July

I know is been long since I posted birthday posts.

So I'm gonna squeeze June's and July's b'day buddies =D

1st : Ling ling
2nd : Li Nar
4th : Wei Hoe & Mei Yee
10th : Vivian cutie pie
11th : Xiang Yang
14th : Amanda (wished)
23th : Carmen Chan
27th : Wai Chee
29th : Hui Ying & San Min & Wen Wen & Zheng Zhang

1st : Samuel
7th : Diong
16th : Xiao C

17th : Shu Teng
22nd : Wen Yi & Alex

I don't know who else I miss.

But to those on the list and NOT on the list

wish all of you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY =D

early or belated. :D

I know you all don't mind right?!?!?! :D

I got exams and such what~ xD