Friday, June 19, 2009

“Speak Up Malaysia”

DiGi is running a competition. Is call "Speak Up Malaysia".

At first i thought it was absurd, no age limit?

I'm just 15!

Are you sure I have the rights to do so!?

Fortunately, Yes o.o

So I'm going to speak up, like most Malaysian do =)

From my opinion, I think Malaysian should recycle more.

Most Malaysian barely care about the environment and that really breaks a lot of environment-lover's heart.

A lot of us thinks that : "NO NEED LAH! OTHER PEOPLE DOING, WE DO FOR WHAT?"

That's ridiculous. If everyone thinks that way, our environment really die liao

I think our government should be the 1 that make all of us move.

They should make us have a green country to live in.

Developers can build their buildings but also think about our environment.

Or at least, developers stop developing buildings and develop trees. TEE HEE!

Other than that, government should make all the shopping malls use shopping bag.

I know, crazy, but plastic bags really hurt the mother nature :S

Government should encourage all of the shopping mall to stop giving out plastic bags when we buy stuff. Instead, sell shopping bag and make us use it.

Wouldn't it be better? :D

So is encouraging you to

Thank you =)