Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm self obsess TEE HEE!

=) 8A3B1D

but is just luck, 'cause all my A's is just NGAM NGAM A =.=

Yeah, just NGAM NGAM only =__=!

meaning? very dangerous -.-"

and i got first place in class, though I'm not proud of it since all of my results are just NGAM NGAM -.-

Yet, after so long, finally 1st place =)


It's killing me, i can't feel the joy no matter how great i did

Tips : Bring a container to pack your take-away food. Don't use polystyrene container or plastic bag. It'll help A LOT :) And don't think is troublesome, you may not know what a big difference the world could be if you do so :)