Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday - Amanda

Early wishes to you =)

Happy Birthday!

Went to her house then her father fetch us to Leisure Mall =)

Had lunch there with her sister, cousin and chicken.

Mr.Law spent us :) Thank you!!

Later on went to Neway. After a while went to meet my primary school friends for a while.
Gosh, some of them changed a lot :X Miss them though.

Then went back to Neway to continue.

The gang. Miss out Ai Leen. Ngah.

Oh yeah, the 1 in the mirror is Brenda, Amanda's sister XD

Thanks Amanda's father again for the karaoke too ;D

Then went to her house and wait for my mama.

love her cute dog XD

Happy birthday to you girl :)
May you have a tremendous year
All the best in PMR, we'll work hard together and pass with flying colors ;D
May those sweet smiles appear on your face more often
and be much more healthier ;D


Tips : Place a shopping bag in the car. This way whenever you're going for a shop, you can just grab it from the car. Now you don't need their environment-destroying plastic bags ;D Lil actions makes big difference y'noe?