Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Choir Finals!


Finals!!! RAWRR!!

The top 5!!!

CBN, Saujana, Wangsa Melawati, St. Mary and us! woo hoo!!!

Yeah practiced so long. Missing classes and all. heh =P

Everyone was so nervous, Everyone was busy making up, Everyone was trying to do their best

And at the back stage, we recall back everything so we won't make any mistakes.

Remembering on and on, leaving no mistake, flawless.

And when we step out the stage, fuh! The applause! The joy!

and when we sang on and on, the claps from the loving schoolmates made us smile :D

...Cut the crap

We got 2nd place.

and we scream like heck. Tears rushing out. Joy overwhelmed us. Leaving all the scoldings from training behind.

A Freaking 2nd Place.

Without a professional trainer.

Only with Yi Vonn and Diong.

Yet we made it to the finals, and get a 2nd place.

We never thought we made it till there. NEVER.

All we thought was either maintaining the standards - 4th. Or we got bad - 5th. Or we got better a lil - 3rd

And when they announce 4th, and so on 3rd. All our hopes when down. Sad emotions were all over our face :(


All of us jump and shriek and basically lose ourselves.

Embarrassing our own school, heh =P! but we don't give a damn about it ;p

Thanks to Diong Jie and Yi Vonn :D! and our marvellous pianist, Eve XD

Gah! The sensation is still here!!

Smoking hot


...damn it, next week exam. feck.


*Pictures will be late*