Sunday, April 19, 2009


Is the same thing over everyone's blog

"Weather was so effin' hot."


Everyone felt the heat, and tambah we marah = super hot.

Why the heck so hot; deng

Watch Discovery Channel the other day ._.

Any of you know that Greenland or whatever u call it geh ice, in just 24hours, it melt around 2metres or 2 feet or stg like that, like hello? that's A LOT.

._. freaky!

The world is gonna end soon? SO DON'T BOTHER STUDY LAH HAHAHA -.-

Yeah, and also homework, examinations. Wow!

Si beh shiok nya


I don't wanna study, how ah?

But I'll still do it wth?

So, my fellow friends, I won't fall under your spell!!!....i think ._.

This is a random post anyway, since I'm soooo reluctant to study xD

Don't bother reading it, but who cares? is the end of the post already

So bye! TEE HEE