Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know lots of you miss me :D

20th of April - Intervensi day ._.

and also Bean's birthday, but who cares about him. HAHA :D

New header because I owe lots of readers numerous post ._.

Anyway, since the Easter event don't allow us to take pictures or video. I'll just summarize it?

I love the graphic, the singers, the choir, the actors, the story line, the preparation, the songs and basically every bit of it.

The singers having an angelic voice and actors totally into their characters truly made the whole thing realistic.

And I enjoy the whole thing :)

Thanks Iven and Carmen Ten for fetching me to McD anyway :D!

I need motivation to study...again ._.

Not a great picture, and unedited too.
I don't feel pretty anymore =(