Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vote earth <3!

Switch your light off on 28th March 2009 from 8:30 for just 1 hour!

With 74 countries together, we'll vote for earth!

"Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming" - WWF

Choose wisely ;)

Click to vote

Together we'll witness KLCC (possibly) turns black :D

Same goes to my house, since I'll be out. LOL

But seriously, vote for earth!

Spreading this news is better than spreading Rihanna&Chris Brown's case or MU losing to Liverpool.


And, 4S1 will be doing a saving the environment thingy from 23rd till 30th, and on 28th they'll ask us to switch off the lights

During 23rd till 30th, they'll do all kind of activities for the environment

/changes : the prize will be changed to RM150\

But what the heck, I'll tell all of you first, please collect old newspapers, plastic bottles, glass bottles and such and bring it to school on the 24th!

I hope outsiders will do the same too (:

You don't have to bring much, but do know that you're helping the mother nature, the planet you're living in, your future and your home :)

Very advertisement-ish post/blog? Too bad, I'm doing this for mother nature!