Thursday, March 12, 2009

ok i don't know whats wrong but then why the heck there's so many programs on 1 day ._.!?

Hari Anugerah, tuition, idiot coming (lmao sorry xD), bean's birthday party and cousin's wedding

why the hell they have to do it all on the same day ._.


Which to choose, which to avoid. yuck :(

tomorrow aerobic, wow wow wow :D

practice till @@

with those kind of attitude they have, how the hell are we going to work it flawlessly?

we actually have to play the song THEN only they start standing up and move to their placing. sick of shouting like an idiot just to get them on place ==

well, over dah. tomorrow morning last shout, then I'll be shouting/screaming/laughing my lungs out for merentas desa ;D

got not much update with pics

been busy with training, homeworks and folio

and whoever need to look for me urgently, try calling my house phone if I'm not online

because i probably won't on my handphone ._.

wasting my time :P

Ciao manusia!