Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheong Gor's Wedding Dinner

It all started out with this weird invitation card...NGAH wtf

Fast forward.

Ushering was boring. So I changed to videocamgirl :D

Para Usher and video girl

She got her own blog =_=

That japanese freak._.

SHOULD BE family picture but wtf, tertambah 1 orang

Camera rawks (:

I told cha? Japanese freak. Package includes another whacko Indian

He friggin scare her ==

After we beh tahan them, we went to opposite and went in the hotel for a drink.
1 Speciality coffee cost RM31. -pokes knife into heart-

Cousins and brother and I jalan - jalan and camwhore ;D

The most cacated jump shot ever :D

The young generation's Hor :)

Yea yea only pictures. Lazy to talk bout it 'cause is just a normal wedding dinner ngah.

^^V PEACE HAHA wat turf.

Ciao ._.