Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tag - Shan

Since I just finish my form 1 Sejarah Intervensi today, i thought i could give it a rest...for a while ;D

and omg tomorrow. Red Letter Day. LOL

Does your password have to do with a boy?
= Nah :D

> What's one thing a guy can do to make you like them?
= Who knows? I'm weird XD

> Are you a girly girl?
= I don't think so ._.

> Small or big purses?
= Neither o.o

>Did you dress up on Halloween?
= M'sia don't celebrate Halloween so festively ._. Hence, so do i XD

> Do you call anybody by their last name?
= Plenty ;D

> How many guys will read this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?
= I don't really care?

> Do you wear makeup?
= Nope o.o Only during performance when that's a must ._.

> Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth?
= I don't put mascara, natural feature suits best for me ;D

> Have you ever cooked food for a guy?
= My cousin? MAGGIE MEE :D! But he says tak de rasa :x

> Have you ever been called a bad influence?
= Always do LOL

> Have you ever broken a guy's heart?
= I think so?

> American Eagle or Hollister?
= Har?

> Flats or Heels?
= Flats because I don't know how to wear heels. TEE HEE

> Skirts or jeans?
= Skirts :D!

> Socks or leggings?
= Socks o_o?

> Heels or sneakers?
= Sneakers :DDD

> Straight or curly hair?
= Straight ;D

> Hoops or dangling earrings?
= I'm fine with both of them ;D

> Have you ever had your heart broken?
= ._.!

> Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
= Depends?

> Do you have a best friend?
= Not singular, but plural :D :D :D

> What do you think about the person you like?
= o.o?

> Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
= NO WAY ==

> Do you like your life?
= it but hoping for a better 1?

> Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?

> Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
= -.-...pushed. not jump. imma good girl ;D

> Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
= in a joking way?

> Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
= Nah?

> Do you ever wish you were famous?
= Why not =p

> Cowboy or gangsta?
= Neither -.-

> Preppy or Punk/Goth?
= Neither

> Well educated or Dropout?
= Well educated

> Contacts or Glasses?
= Either

> Good cook or took you out a lot?
= I'm fine with both

> Funny or Serious?
= Depends on situation. :D

Romantic or Daredevil?
= Either at suitable situation too XD

> Cute or Hot?

> Smoker or nonsmoker?
= NONsmoker!!! Friggin hate smokers :/!!!

I'm not gonna tag anyone :)