Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday - Shan ; Keruing won

Banana = Yellow

Yeah, since yesterday was Sports day, and it was Shan's birthday also. Let's celebrate both of it :D

Okey first of all, I never went for the Sports Day. I could only give mental support, heh!

but I'm glad to hear that Keruing won. Yeah my team. No credits for me, but, BANGGA LAH XD

So, the appreciation will be shown by dedicating this post in yellow to fellow Keruing whom worked hard :D

Yeah, followed Sam and Daniel, don't mind please? :X

Second, is Yong Shan's birthday :)

I know this post should be in yellow, but wtf? you wanna ruin this pic and make it to yellow!?

Sorry I never went for the lady's night ._.

I guess I'm not a lady D8

but but but, i hope you love the gift, and the lil note i wrote ;)


PS : Got new cheong fun pics and updates for Bean's present. but wtf, i won't post it now. is all friggin yellow now and i don't think you can read it without highlighting it ._.