Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday - Shan ; Keruing won

Banana = Yellow

Yeah, since yesterday was Sports day, and it was Shan's birthday also. Let's celebrate both of it :D

Okey first of all, I never went for the Sports Day. I could only give mental support, heh!

but I'm glad to hear that Keruing won. Yeah my team. No credits for me, but, BANGGA LAH XD

So, the appreciation will be shown by dedicating this post in yellow to fellow Keruing whom worked hard :D

Yeah, followed Sam and Daniel, don't mind please? :X

Second, is Yong Shan's birthday :)

I know this post should be in yellow, but wtf? you wanna ruin this pic and make it to yellow!?

Sorry I never went for the lady's night ._.

I guess I'm not a lady D8

but but but, i hope you love the gift, and the lil note i wrote ;)


PS : Got new cheong fun pics and updates for Bean's present. but wtf, i won't post it now. is all friggin yellow now and i don't think you can read it without highlighting it ._.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tag - Amanda

Sorry that this tag is in Mandarin, and no Josh, I won't translate. Go learn mandarin ;p


1.我的大名: Carmen :D
2.我的生日: 三月
3.誰傳給你的: 傻嗨 *dulan 样*
4.說出五個好朋友: 姐妹, sailors, 兄弟, 同学, and blahs LOL xD
5.生日想要得到什麼: 没什么期望_不是仙人掌就可以了

6.近期開心的是: 在学校玩 (:
7.近期壓力的是: PMR ._.
8.未來想做什麼阿: 还在想
9.有沒有喜歡的人: 很多 >8)
10.同學會要回去找老師嗎: 可能吧?

11.跟誰出去最幸福: 兄弟姐妹 :)
12.如果你的兩個好友吵架了: 经常都吵_不吵就不是我们
13.跟情人出去最想去哪: 到时才讲
14.聖誕節想要做啥: 睡觉 HAHA XD
15.最想要跟誰過聖誕節: 兄弟姐妹 :D!

16.有沒有起床氣: 看咯~
17.有幾個兄弟姊妹: 一个
18.最喜歡的一首歌(女生的): phy唱的
19.最喜歡的一首歌(男生的): 也是phy唱的
20.喜歡什麼顏色: 黑 粉红 浅蓝 浅紫

21.上廁所會不會先沖水: 不会先冲水_上完才冲
22.愛不愛我: 谁不爱我_又是废话
23.喜歡男生還是女生: 你猜一下 >8D!!
24.頭髮有幾根: 多过你一根
25.吃跟睡哪個重要: 我最重要

26.初吻在何時: 未来
27.身高多高: 高过你就对啦
28.遇到好兄弟(飄飄)妳跟他說的第一句是: 不要烦9我可以没有!?!
29.有沒有一見鍾情的經驗: 一见你的头钟情
30.有沒有性幻想的對象: 神经病

31.跟被你點名的人說一句話: 顶你的肺_ma Q 烦
32.跟你最好的北鼻說句話: 鼻粪(广东)就有
33.最愛哪個節目: 有我的就喜欢
34.你會重色輕友嗎: 看心情
35.喜歡怎樣穿著的女生: 我当天穿什么_我就喜欢什么

36.最愛北鼻做什麼事時最認真: 挖鼻粪
38.你報台帳號多少: 什么屁股来的?
39.平常假日最喜歡做什麼休閒活動: 看心情
40.一天上幾次廁所: 一次_而且还是早上绑头发去学校的

41.最想大聲說什麼: diam 7可以没有!!!
42.半夜敢不敢自己上廁所: 都说我上一次厕所而以咯
43.上廁所會不會脫褲褲: 不会_就这样尿
44.我是誰: 你是鬼
45.誰很欠打: 给我这些问题的人

46.現在很迷什麼: 我自己
47.睡相很差: 睡觉或不睡觉都很好
48.現在的時間: 不会自己拿手表看啊?
49.是否痛恨傳點卷給你的人: 是
50.體重多少: 轻如张纸

51.今天天氣: 不错
52.你懷孕了嗎: 十个月了_满月时记得来
53.你中樂透最想做什麼: 睡觉
54.你覺得女生會化妝重要嗎: 看情形
55.男生跟女生到底有沒有純友誼: 当然

56.愛情的定義應該是什麼: 有爱有情 = 爱情
57.人類是不是愚蠢的生物: 看咯_像我`一看就知道不是咯
58.如果有人要跟你一夜情: 我介绍其她人给他
59.跟你的前女.男友說一句話: 不明白你干吗那么好
60.晚上睡覺會不會夢到你曾最愛的她.他: 会

61.你有個很愛的人 你該如何開口跟她他複合: 看先啦
62.如果明天就世界末日你會: 希望会是后天
64:現在是否幸福: 理所当然
65:另一半劈腿 你還會原諒她嗎: 我人很好的

66.你.妳會選擇一個愛你的人或你.妳愛的人: 相爱
67.你依然相信有真愛的存在嗎: 看先啦
70.你爱他吗?: 谁来的?
71.觉得自己noob吗?: 一点都不觉得


點名開始 請自行複製

I am NOT going to tag anyone.

PS : 不是我很粗鲁`暴力_是那条逼我的


My masterpiece :D

I drew it 1 ok~ xD

Don't believe?




*syok sendiri*

and, top 60, bye bye lo =(


Saturday, February 21, 2009

D- Cheong Fun

During Moral test




Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you know why you started blogging?

For me, I guess I'm just better in expressing myself in words rather than voice.

I'm a bad speaker, I get nervous when I speak

Even sometimes when I crap with my friends, I tends to get my pronunciations right.
If i fail, I'll zi bei :X

So I prefer to write, and I guess blogging is 1 way I could express

Blogging helps me release stress ._. Wow?

And I guess blogging improved my English to a certain level, not the damn-good level. Yet enough for me to be happy with, compared to my 1st entry ._.

and why am I talking all these craps?

Cause I just want to say that, where I say, may be fake. where I write, is always right with all these crapping. -.-


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

During Examinations

Click to enlarge

LOL, seriously bored :X

That's what I did during examinations LMAO XD

Keep playing with Amanda, Bean and PHY XD!

si beh funneh leh, especially today when 1 of our classmate is sick. All of us was like making a joke out of it xP

and tomorrow is the last day of intervensi 1 Wheeee!

Next week is the sports day, whose coming o.o?


last and, going siu wan deng for photography ;D

don't know when only =p

dont kai wan xiao leh ;p

seriously last and, tau tak yesterday my hair kena cut omfg.

damn wtf 1 lor ._.

ok end XD


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new header. new layout.

that's what you do when you have 1 day rest after the hectic Science Geo and Maths altogether attacking you :)

Intervensi till Friday. Gargh

Don't feel like going to school tomorrow. So boring ._.

Stupid raptai, ew!

Hmmm, 兄弟_你生气了?

Well, back to the books. MY BABE, SEJARAH~ :D


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I hate valentine

you have a problem with it?

too bad



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tag - Shan

Since I just finish my form 1 Sejarah Intervensi today, i thought i could give it a rest...for a while ;D

and omg tomorrow. Red Letter Day. LOL

Does your password have to do with a boy?
= Nah :D

> What's one thing a guy can do to make you like them?
= Who knows? I'm weird XD

> Are you a girly girl?
= I don't think so ._.

> Small or big purses?
= Neither o.o

>Did you dress up on Halloween?
= M'sia don't celebrate Halloween so festively ._. Hence, so do i XD

> Do you call anybody by their last name?
= Plenty ;D

> How many guys will read this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?
= I don't really care?

> Do you wear makeup?
= Nope o.o Only during performance when that's a must ._.

> Can you put on mascara without opening your mouth?
= I don't put mascara, natural feature suits best for me ;D

> Have you ever cooked food for a guy?
= My cousin? MAGGIE MEE :D! But he says tak de rasa :x

> Have you ever been called a bad influence?
= Always do LOL

> Have you ever broken a guy's heart?
= I think so?

> American Eagle or Hollister?
= Har?

> Flats or Heels?
= Flats because I don't know how to wear heels. TEE HEE

> Skirts or jeans?
= Skirts :D!

> Socks or leggings?
= Socks o_o?

> Heels or sneakers?
= Sneakers :DDD

> Straight or curly hair?
= Straight ;D

> Hoops or dangling earrings?
= I'm fine with both of them ;D

> Have you ever had your heart broken?
= ._.!

> Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
= Depends?

> Do you have a best friend?
= Not singular, but plural :D :D :D

> What do you think about the person you like?
= o.o?

> Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
= NO WAY ==

> Do you like your life?
= it but hoping for a better 1?

> Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?

> Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
= -.-...pushed. not jump. imma good girl ;D

> Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
= in a joking way?

> Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
= Nah?

> Do you ever wish you were famous?
= Why not =p

> Cowboy or gangsta?
= Neither -.-

> Preppy or Punk/Goth?
= Neither

> Well educated or Dropout?
= Well educated

> Contacts or Glasses?
= Either

> Good cook or took you out a lot?
= I'm fine with both

> Funny or Serious?
= Depends on situation. :D

Romantic or Daredevil?
= Either at suitable situation too XD

> Cute or Hot?

> Smoker or nonsmoker?
= NONsmoker!!! Friggin hate smokers :/!!!

I'm not gonna tag anyone :)



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Penumbra Eclipse

This is so cooooooool :D


Eye catchingnya ;p


Friday, February 6, 2009

And you are worried about stepping on dog poo

Or gum.

/Discovery Channel Magazine/


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine is near again :O!

To make it easier to those whom wish to give me Valentine gifts (Plural, not Singular)

I'll be a great Valentine-r and tell you what I would want ;D

1. A trip to France
Tuileries Garden

I won't mind you booking 2 air ticket, 1 room from a 5 star hotel, paying for the whole trip to and fro and other expenses and surprise me on Valentine day :D

As a matter of fact, I'll be DAMN GLAD ;p

2. Nintendo DSi
Preferably the white

When Nintendo DS Lite was release, I yearn for it.

But I'm woefully inadequate to own 1. =(

So for those whom are caring enough to buy me 1, I'll surely say "Thank You" to you :D

3.Candlelight Dinner/Lunch
I wont mind you/your driver driving us to the destination and have lunch with me after school with my sweaty body :D

Prefer to have western food anyway ;D

With a pianist playing my favorite song, and a guy whose just so caring and generous to buy me a candlelight lunch/dinner, and book the whole restaurant so there will be no disturbance.
Isn't that amazing? TEE HEE

4.Score 8A's in PMR

So what if is not PMR yet and is still months to go?

You can offer giving me tuition classes on BC or KH. Or if you're just loving enough to bribe the officers for me to score AT LEAST 7A's, I'll be thankful for small mercies ;D

Am I asking too much?

Yes ah? Sorry lo =(

5. Can I just have something which is the least like this?
Roses, Couple teddies in a heart shaped box?

I'm not over the line right :(?

...I am?!

6.DENG FINE LA, ROSES ONLY LO (Note the plural)


Shessh, boys now a days are just so cheap :(

No offense k ;D


Monday, February 2, 2009



I today show Samuel my standard 1 pic to prove how fat I am last time =O!


hari ini

friggin drinkers.

ya i got their pictures :)

gonna give those friggin adults a lesson

donno how to control? dont drink la

janganlah jadi sohai la, kid aso noe how to contol, u tak tau

how useless you are =]

memang u all bitches. =D

n u, think u're so damn great hor

apa apa politic hor, i tell u ah, at home now aso got 1 politic ady =DD

Yeah, I edit the header geh :D

Obviously those pictures i get it from internet hor =P

and the 2nd pic's effect already got 1, tak payah i smudge ;p

"Reality; how cruel" understand boh?

eye pic, so disgusting.

tree pic, so peaceful

reality, full of these

no choice, but to pass it both

you cant skip, you cant escape

that's reality

that's life