Saturday, January 10, 2009

So, is been a week of schooling

What's up?

Emo, Scare, Emo, Scare, Emo, Scare, Embarrass

Emo because of the class thingy stuff

Scare because...well, lots of things

Embarrass by my own akibat

yeah, silly me

but but but, the last day of first week schooling, all dah solve :D!

Yeah, glad everything is over

I miss my heng dais y'noe?? :D!

Thanks them much for supporting me =DD

And, I couldn't blog with pictures because my mom took my camera to Taiwan =(!

I miss my mama =(! We should be shopping by now =(! LOL XD

SPBT work, omg, my hand gonna break soon ._.

We need more boys to work =(! stupid pau dah resign =( sad sia :/

and hor and hor, those form 4 haven't get books geh,

behave yourselves please! Don't be choosy!

we make the set, u take the set!

you choose, i slap u! LOL ok just joking ._.

I love form3 maths anyway <33>

and tuition rocks, why? LENG ZAI HAHAHAHAHAHA =D

Ok enough. Minta maaf, got picture only update properly k =D

This year will be a hectic year so don't mind me for not updating much pls :(

PMR YEAR LEH! I don't wanna burn the midnight oil on the eleventh hour ;D