Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know is late, but better than nothing right? ;D

So, the usual Christmas eve. With the family (:

Lots of foods, and cocktail/mock tail wheeeee~~~ and of course, pictures ;D

Have you seen him in the newspaper o.0?

My brother, the musician -_-!
My cousins and him were playing with that THING he's blowing with, trying to tune out "We wish you a merry christmas". friggin funny!

Not all of them are my relatives ._.

Hahahahhaa =D

I'm not in that generation +D

Spot the middle finger

Dad don't wanna take picture with us :(

Kmeng & korean gf, ...and my brother -_-

Cao gan LOL


Virgins =D


Finally, family x)

I don't really remember the details of it, soooo, minta maaf =O

Oh yeah, Mid Valley's Christmas performance sucks :/