Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY :)

Yeah, I notice a lot of people also thinks this year CNY is superb dull ._.

Except for the Chum family, I don't know why they always so semangat 1 -_-

I got nothing to post la, too...sien ady ._.

and this year I never camwhore with my new year clothes like last year o.o

Just Gamble Gamble Gamble. Angpau Angpau Angpau. not much =D

And decorations this year ._. Awh, damnit
I take my brother's birthday gift geh cow XD

Mooo =D

I copy this idea from Fun OK o.o but after the wind blow blow blow, dah jadi a bit ahem :X

Yeah, angpaus =D

Imma counting angpau money whatturf.

Gamble geh money. Woo hoo~

White ._.


Bring the school novel on CNY man. Call me rajin ;p

Uh huh, that's all. Ciao


Saturday, January 24, 2009


大团圆~ 大团圆~


祝大家`新年快乐`恭喜发财`有红包就拿来 :D!

Probably won't have time to update the blog for at least 1 - 2 weeks (:

Even if I update, it'll probably be a short 1 o.o

Or maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a long CNY post :D

I'll be having a pre-trial after CNY, you know? A trial for a trial -_-! So wrong

And the whole week of holiday, I'll probably be out or gambling visiting :D

Ciao people! I still have decorations to do for the house ;D!

PS : mama say this year my angpau maybe got surprise. HAHA =D

PPS : I miss my ji muis and heng dais :( I know you all miss me too

PPPS : after CNY got injection. damnit


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday - Daniel


;D is Rabbid language. I know you understand geh, right :D? LOL

I'm sorry I can't make it after school :(

and I know you didn't have a great time too, I know lah, because I'm not there right? I tau. :(

But at least you were very happy in school right :D?

Dude, Cik Chan never come woh! XD

No wonder the school was so quiet ._.

Anyway, Happy Birthday :D

17 years old. This year, we sama sama bok meng ok :D?


...sorry, shouldn't remind you on your birthday. :X


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To unreasonable Cik Wong :)

Just before I blog about it, may i just say that "you have the bravery to accuse, i too dare to post about it then" :) Thanks but no thanks, my blog, my freedom :)!

Miss Wong,

Even if you're having a bad mood, you should not pick on us. We. are. innocent. :)
You say it yourself, you're in a bad mood, so we tried to cooperate with you. When you give us homework, you can even hear our breathing. Silent as a pin drop. (Ok, exaggerating but just want to make my point)

BUT, before you let us know that you're having a bad mood, you INNOCENTLY scold 2 students. Other than giving us tonnes of homework, I just CAN'T believe that you actually ACCUSE us three. Yeah, ACCUSATION.

Mind you but the first time, we DID stand up. After greeting, naturally we'll sit down again. But when you insist us on repeating, we DID stand up again. But you start scolding kao us infront of the whole class just because others were still standing and when you saw us moving up, you just ASSUME that we did not stand up in the first place.

You know what? I HATE accusation. And this is not the first time on me.

If any of you actually seen how i went to school for the first week, my hair was actually clipped up, the side of my hair is short. Usual teacher seeing it won't even give a damn about it, BUT NOT YOU, my lovely bold Cik Wong :)
And you state that my hair was the one SPECIALLY needed to be tidy up.

Sorry but then, compare my hair clipping up, and other students letting their hair down without clipping, whose worst? And you ACTUALLY says that MY hair was the worst?

AND THEN, you start scolding us that our voice is soft. If you're not happy with it, for the first time, tell us, we'll try to change. For the second time, warn us. For the third time, scold kao us but I won't give a damn because you told us before. YET, you yearn to scold us mindlessly. That's absurd.

As a teacher, should you or should you not be professional enough to teach wisely with patients? Or as a teacher, you treat us as your sand bag?

If any of you readers actually tell her about it, I don't care, because this accusation is unbearable. And if this matter actually went to the school council, please judge this matter reasonably.

And hor, I never told you to highlight it, means i never force you to read it. So if you think I'm SO annoying and stupid and ridiculous, DON'T HIGHLIGHT LAH :D! Easy! ;D


Monday, January 19, 2009

busy busy busy :)


Saturday, January 17, 2009


First I wrote this.

Then I figure that this is not a good encouragement for me ._.

So I ended up writing another 1

And there it is :D!

I won't rub it until PMR ends, or if I have any addition ;D

So I follow what I wrote.

I pay lots of attention especially while having tuition.

Even if you saw me online, i MAY not be in front of the computer.

I actually love Sejarah, if teacher kJ teaches =D

And, I do my homework!

Oh damnit, and this is only half of the stack ._.

Mind you but this is DAILY and not WEEKLY homework ._.

So do you still think I have time to blog about all the time? :(


Post bout the HOMEWORKS and SCHOOL TEACHERS WHOM KEEP COMING INTO THE CLASS tomorrow or when I'm free.

For PMR.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mama back from Taiwan! whee~

and hor and hor, today me n hao yee, so lame hahahas!! =DD! rakan rakan sebelah juga banyak zha dou XD!

PS, homework banyak. Soo...the usual alasan =D


Monday, January 12, 2009

I love Paris (:

Not Paris Hilton. Ew.

Yeah ini. Paris yang ada Eiffel Tower :D

Despite Paris being the country's largest city, they also have 1 of the best scenery ever! Well, that's for me to say

Arc de Triomphe
Their architectures are 1 of the greatest too ;D
Monuments(Arc de Triomphe), landmarks, parks(Park Montsouris), gardens(Tuileries Garden), opera(Opéra Bastille), museum(Musée du Louvre) and even cemeteries(Père Lachaise Cemetery) there look nice! =(

aih =[ I wish i could go there =[[

Yeah -_- dreaming about Paris again. Sorry -_-!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

So, is been a week of schooling

What's up?

Emo, Scare, Emo, Scare, Emo, Scare, Embarrass

Emo because of the class thingy stuff

Scare because...well, lots of things

Embarrass by my own akibat

yeah, silly me

but but but, the last day of first week schooling, all dah solve :D!

Yeah, glad everything is over

I miss my heng dais y'noe?? :D!

Thanks them much for supporting me =DD

And, I couldn't blog with pictures because my mom took my camera to Taiwan =(!

I miss my mama =(! We should be shopping by now =(! LOL XD

SPBT work, omg, my hand gonna break soon ._.

We need more boys to work =(! stupid pau dah resign =( sad sia :/

and hor and hor, those form 4 haven't get books geh,

behave yourselves please! Don't be choosy!

we make the set, u take the set!

you choose, i slap u! LOL ok just joking ._.

I love form3 maths anyway <33>

and tuition rocks, why? LENG ZAI HAHAHAHAHAHA =D

Ok enough. Minta maaf, got picture only update properly k =D

This year will be a hectic year so don't mind me for not updating much pls :(

PMR YEAR LEH! I don't wanna burn the midnight oil on the eleventh hour ;D


Thursday, January 8, 2009





Thank God!!!!

Thanks Mom & Dad!!!!

Thanks Pn Sasi and Pn Lee!!!!

Thanks everyone for the moral support!!!!



Yeah, messed with photoshop again


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

God, please

Begging to change class

please, i beg

praying for miracle.

i tau la why ppl ponteng, with this class, i don even feel like going



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year?

Another new year, another...year ._.

What are you still doing, and not doing?

What if the world really ends in 2012?
What will you still do?

Study? Play? Cry like a baby? Shit?

Yeah, think wisely.

Stupid class, until now also no teacher. Shyt u

gonna score PMR with terbang warna >:)!!!!

Determined for it!!!! >:)!

PS : Wont be updating much, not until the problem is solved =]


Monday, January 5, 2009


is a friggin G

so stfu

i hate it

gonna change school if can't get to C. urgh


Saturday, January 3, 2009






Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know is late, but better than nothing right? ;D

So, the usual Christmas eve. With the family (:

Lots of foods, and cocktail/mock tail wheeeee~~~ and of course, pictures ;D

Have you seen him in the newspaper o.0?

My brother, the musician -_-!
My cousins and him were playing with that THING he's blowing with, trying to tune out "We wish you a merry christmas". friggin funny!

Not all of them are my relatives ._.

Hahahahhaa =D

I'm not in that generation +D

Spot the middle finger

Dad don't wanna take picture with us :(

Kmeng & korean gf, ...and my brother -_-

Cao gan LOL


Virgins =D


Finally, family x)

I don't really remember the details of it, soooo, minta maaf =O

Oh yeah, Mid Valley's Christmas performance sucks :/