Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 end

2010 lai

and I don't know why people are so excited about it. so yeah whatever



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas

Christmas eve went to Edwin's party

Then on Christmas day went to uncle's

Uncle reward this to me for my PMR results :) special 1B reward XD!!

lil sweet snowman :D

Then the usual stuff with cousins =O!!

Christmas was fine =)

you DO know that I'm just randomly blogging something out to fill my time right?

heh :D

see you guys soon xDD


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Booboo's hair cut


to the internet world =O!

I never been anywhere far these few days, just that i've been out the whole week

lots of stuff happen yo :D

I'll post about my dog first, aite?

long story short, my dog is now BOTAK. =X

Ok, left the tail XD

why? because his fur was a mess. So we cut it off and let it grow nicely

best thing is, he'll look very leng zai for CNY :D

I don't have his picture after he cut all his bulu.

but he looks perfectly fine to me...if no one knows he's actually a shih tzu :X


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sailors outing 21.12.09

Ok first of all, i get 7A1B for my PMR :) *big smile*
Chinese get B *dammit* =O

Kasturi-an all get 7A wei xD not bad not bad :)
grats to everyone :)

ANYWAY, went outing with the sailors.
I reached there first, sendiri jalan jalan. sendiri fikir fikir. :)

hearts reindeer yo!

Barbie's competition winner's products.
got those in wedding gown ey!
that morning i read newspaper also saw 1 photographer take photos of newlyweds. very niceee!!
make me wanna get marry HAHAHA XD

wanted to watch movie or karaoke, but because of me =X heh. sorry =X

So went shopping the whole day. TIRED TIRED x.x!!

take pictures too :) since is been long since we went out together. hardly get to go out all together =/

after choosing the right picture. the usual me, go kacau other pictures :D


den all start kacau xD

ying so dark o.o


mou yan oi :(


us :)

night tuition was so omg. my leg was so tired x.x!
and i didn't buy anything kerana tak cukup $$
nvm, i spot everything ady. bring mama there and go buy with me :D

sweet sweet day :)
love u guys muah *hugs and kisses*


I am a happy girl :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For the sake of fun

as the title, my dad and I went out to The Gardens because we wanted to watch Avatar. but FULL. then Bodyguard and Assassins. FULL. Zombieland, 18PL. They don't allow me to buy. Yeah I know. B and A also 18PL but they allow me to buy. Hmmm =/

So dad and I decided to just go to the Red Box beside the cinema and sing :))
love the wall hehehehe :D

Mom joined us later.had a great time with my parents. bonding yo!
dad and I enjoyed their buffet very much LOL

Then there's a santarina came in and gave free sweets. we can take a picture with her too, the manager will send me the pictures ;D

the waiter there was very sweet also. :) we told him we never eat the nuts but have to charge. so i asked whether can pack it back home or not. then he let me choose some crackers and let me take back home. then we jokingly say we got no more drinks, he took 1 glass of water for us. awh :)

then shopped a while with my mumah. keep on rush her back for Battleground '09 finals :D

can't believe i was so excited for it. but then Elecoldxhot didn't win :( maybe is because they're past year champion. but still, awh :( *BIG SAD*

then after that, parents and I went all the way to Genting just to yum Starbucks. very misty wei! and cooling! shiok!

is been so many years since I went up there  :)

stopped by McD for my dinner :D

reached there. excited :X!! cause of the damn weather. JUST TOO SHIOK =X

online there with their Signature Hot Chocolate. yumms! nom nom nom!!

after that walk around inside

When we wanted to go back, dad took the other road. which was so dark. and misty (much more worse than the picture on top). scary wei, you can like, drop off the cliff anytime o.o! den we U-turn and get back to the right road. fuh o.o

reach home around 2+ :)

it was funn <3

next post, Sailors outing or my dog? hmmm, readers choice?


Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm sorry I didn't blog this few days.

will blogs tmr because i've been out these few days. no chance to online pun ;p!



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random stuff from me phone ;D


there is hope :) everywhere

took it from the car. be artistic people! XD

got a free tall brewed coffee from starbucks 'cause is their bday. whee!!

On the way to tuition. aaahh, my primary school ;)
i miss the good times

from TGI Friday @ the walk, curve :)

and here comes my dog, boo boo :D

awwwh :)

see how sakai he sleep xD

wheeee i love you :)


24th x.x






Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hell yeah


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey people :)


Christmas is here soon

yeah feel like spending my Christmas sleeping shopping

but wth, i got no friends :((((! XD


do the polls people ;)

I'll update soon


Monday, December 14, 2009

Email - 8 ways to scare a telemarketer!

Click to enlarge :D

Worth the click XD


I shouldn't act this way. No no no



Sunday, December 13, 2009

oik anyone saw Mike's proposal to Xiaxue?





Christmas header # Booboo

Hey hey :)

Love me christmas header XD

wanted to put this picture too but then I just can't fit it in anymore :(


Booboo is me family dog :))

this cute lil stupid dumb bodoh ben dan dog :D

always knock on to wall while playing fetch. adui xD

childhood wish came true, the house finally has a mute dog :)

<333333 boo boooooooo ;D



Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm sorry I made everyone go through the trouble :((!

gonna blog again because of my FANS. HAHAHA x.x

the other blog will still be there, just that it'll be turning back to a chinese emo blog XD

I'll just tell everyone here first that I won't be blogging everyday since I know form 4 won't be a honeymoon year X.X

and i sincerely apologies to everyone that have to go through all the trouble
I'll understand if you stop reading my blog :( I hope you'll forgive me and continue following my blog :(

with hugs and loves,
2 more weeks till Christmas :)

i love Christmas wheeee <3!

希望奇跡再次出現 :]


DIY - Pastry house



...sui bian ler -.-


DIY - Pastry house :)

Holidays are boring so yeah :)

Forced parents to buy these for me ;D

Last time bought from S'pore, then dad never go there anymore so I can't continue.
Finally they have it here - M'sia. :) *grin*

all handmade okay ;)

have to cut the cloths and the stuffs. have to stick all the woods together.

Made the other 1 too but haven't sew the curtain yet so hold on ;D

Chemistry Chemistry CDSU9CUN1H3GK41 formulae ;D
i damn suka ho ho ho -.-


I think you should ask me out ;)