Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Swimming (:

Is been long since I swim even though the swimming pool is just 13 floors away~
Is been lagi long since I swim with my childhood friend - Kyle and Jack (they're brothers) =D We know each other for like 10 years?
Spot Kyle
We play lots of games when we're young, and boy, is embarrassing -_- We played masak-masak, dinosaurs, family, RO etc, so...dao gei xD! But we were kids, so it didn't matter =P
On Monday, he and his brother came to my place for a swim because we needed a diet LOL They teman me for lunch first, and then went swimming after that

Us (:

Hahahah =D
Swim for like 2 hours and half ._. Went back my place to shower and then went down for snacks =D
After that they went back. Yeah, so simple XD
But I still wanna wish happy belated birthday , fatha =D!
And thanks for the lunch & snacks =D