Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anyone wanna go clubbing?



It is open for all age group only on that day. But noted anyway. :)



I should have check the mail earlier...!!!!!!!66666 @#%$*wad turf!!!!!



Congratulations! You are the selected ones to attend this fun-filled
Kakiis event happening this Saturday, at Euphoria Sunway!

Do bring [TWO] of your Kakiis to this event, and remember, dress
accordingly! The theme is Kakiis Together-Gether, and dress according to
your creativity! Be it same colour, same shirt, go wild!

Please RSVP with me with the following details:

You and your Kakiis name, IC number, and contact details.

See you there!

Great, who wanna join me?

Despite that I'm having tuition and maybe I have to skip the 3rd class, but i still can make it I guess?

Aawwhhh I really hope I can join =S
...IF ONLY I'M NOT UNDERAGE!!! = = babi!