Monday, December 8, 2008


I know a lot of you miss me~ I know I know ;p
My cousin wedding mah! Blame him la! =D

He did a super low budget wedding =.= And is really ... swt

1 of my cousin is the project manager, poor her :X On Friday, she inform us to be there at 8:30night. In the end all of us met each other at the car park at 9:00night. XD

The.freaking.mess. and just 1 part of it.

All of us moving our butt to clean this piece of thing

Planning what to do

The guy is the san leong goh =..=

Pindah pindah =/

Carry carry =\

Whoa rao leh =P!

We work together as a team/family! =DD
And got some work done by 12midnight. So we went for a drink after that XD

Project manager and San leong goh debating. Whoa :X Salute x)

Then back home

Saturday I went out the whole day.
First, follow my mom to her work place. Stupid freaking place got no electricity. I have to do my homework through the sunlight from the window.
THEN the guy suddenly close the window, make it darker.
Ended up, I have to do my last question in the dark -.-

Then hang gai gai and lunch at Petaling Street before I went to tuition. I bought a bag and straightly change it from my current tuition bag to the new 1. Woo hoo! =P

As usual, tuition was great =D

After that went to the place again.
PS : The place, is actually my cousin's house. The 1 we decorated on Friday, is just somewhere the committee of the condo uses it for karaoke or whatever. Wtf.

Makan steamboat =D


Later on, we kids have to go down and help around again.

Manyzer and me xD



Ini ialah orang - orang yang tak banyak berkaitan dengan decoration kita xD

Sunday. After tuition, go the place again.
Then itu car come ady =D

Noob cousin xD

Yes, I know her face damn long ._.

Then those ceremony blah blah blah, minum tea and so on.

Then night time dinner

Heh =P

Mama and bro

Final decorations (:

Then the night starts ._.
With buffet, chattings and sickening Karaoke
Para ku lei and manyzer =D We earn a big clap 1 ok =D

Sakai Family =D

Pst, Saw him at Station 1 before ;D?

PS : Pangkor trip cancel due to you freaking peoples =D Thank you so much. Now I cant go too. Great, just great =D