Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do some charity people!

I'm sure most of you don't do charity la =.=
but at least do some good deeds lo!

Mom asked my brother and I to help the author, so I was like "urgh fine"
We went to his house, he have to struggle just to open the gate for us. And it took REALLY long time for him and cause lots of pain.
If any of you who seen that, I'm sure your heart will feel sympathy for him too

He wrote/drew this English learning comic personally. And i think is great (:
Dude, I say great as in there's some words i don't know also wtf xD =x

Writing this book is the only way he can earn money and he really tried very hard
I know I know, I don't expect you to read it la even though is quite interesting =p

Is in comic style so it'll "lure" kids to read it XD!

But why don't you just buy it as a gift for someone? Christmas present :D?
Is just RM3 per book! Cheap like wtf
and you're helping this author!

You can buy a gift for someone and just attach this book together with the gift if you want to (:
Or you can give it for your lil brother or sister or even cousins and friends :D!


If you don't have the money, use your strength (:
Promote this book to as many people as you can and ask them to get it from me, you won't know how grateful you are if you did it =D

I hope all of you will not only just buy 1 book lar =.=
At least buy 5? 10?
Then give/sell it to other people :D?

You can get the book from me.
Again, message me in MSN or leave a message in the chat box

Hey, do some charity okay =)
The author need the money for medication for his leg.
Every single second he's suffering. He even took 5 minutes just to get down from his bed ._.

So be a good person and buy it/promote it
Like what I'm doing now =D
This post is mainly for charity and I hope it'll work? :D
Thank you (: