Friday, November 28, 2008

Sailor Outing

As usual la~

Cheong K session at Green Box.
Makan at Old Town.
Camwhore giler at Toilet.

What else could there be? =O

Tengok ni Ho Wen Yi yang akan pergi Taiwan soon dan Chum Shu Teng yang akan pergi S'pore soon =(

Spot the fake camera XD

Perfect Sailors (:

We're actually...posing?

Soli I know I never ^^V and I got no reason/excuse for it too =X

Still have lots of picture but as usual, I won't upload all ;D

And yes manusia, I never edit all these pictures because of me being malas. =D
If you have any dulan-ness please write a black-n-white to the management office. Thank you.

Special Thanks to Papa for the transport (: !!
Thank you soooo much, Pa :D! Love ya!
Minta maaf but I hate people yang tak tahu appreciate. People yang lcly. People yang so damn very bossy. So, fuck off a'yte (:
Sorry to Sailors if I made the day gloomy =X solei solei =X