Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raven Symone

I was Google-ing and found 1 of her pictures

Well, I think this is the only slim picture she has ._.

I mean like, LOOK AT HER =X

I think the problem is because of her oversize breat...or is not? o_O

Ok enough x) Hahahahas =x

Nightmares bugging me =(

Wtf =(

haihs D:


Friday, November 28, 2008

Sailor Outing

As usual la~

Cheong K session at Green Box.
Makan at Old Town.
Camwhore giler at Toilet.

What else could there be? =O

Tengok ni Ho Wen Yi yang akan pergi Taiwan soon dan Chum Shu Teng yang akan pergi S'pore soon =(

Spot the fake camera XD

Perfect Sailors (:

We're actually...posing?

Soli I know I never ^^V and I got no reason/excuse for it too =X

Still have lots of picture but as usual, I won't upload all ;D

And yes manusia, I never edit all these pictures because of me being malas. =D
If you have any dulan-ness please write a black-n-white to the management office. Thank you.

Special Thanks to Papa for the transport (: !!
Thank you soooo much, Pa :D! Love ya!
Minta maaf but I hate people yang tak tahu appreciate. People yang lcly. People yang so damn very bossy. So, fuck off a'yte (:
Sorry to Sailors if I made the day gloomy =X solei solei =X


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yeah my hair is shorter now

The saloon auntie keep pursue me for so freaking long that I'll look better if I cut my fringe until I fed up and let her cut it =_=

I don't have a back view of it though.
But I assure you that my hair is short that I couldn't even tie it (:
Even if I could, it'll be reeeaaallly messy

It wasn't as short as I assumed because, again, the auntie was deciding for me =.=
So I just let her -.-

That's all (:


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't call her my dear for nothing

Snowleopard cub


I have to say, Siang Er is such a freakin' pro in Photoshop =.=


Utterly amazing :DDD

This is just a random post anyway XD
Today is the last day I'm going to have my long hair. BEWARREEE~~


Monday, November 24, 2008

Webcam session


Look how bored she is XD

Click to enlarge to see how yong sui is Mei Kei ;D
This is roughly how i look if I'm having short hair, GIMME COMMENTS =DDD
Look at the mirror there and you can see the back view of it ;D

What? I'm bored

PS : Do notice that the first 3 picture timing there =D! You'll see something ;p


I miss all of you =(

Kononnya outing. Now? =(

aih aih aih =(

Holiday is cool but without outing, what's the point =[?

Why so sucky geh =(


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deja vu!?

Me and Teng was chatting about it.

and seriously, don't this stuff bugs you? but in the same cool?

Yesterday, I just had came by ._.

What does this meant!?


Come on, I know my blog is dead but any readers out there. Just put your comments in the chat box =D wanna spam about it also can -_-

Like i said, writer's block -.-


Monday, November 17, 2008

2 Efektif

Class Jamuan =DD!

We had McDonalds, Pizza Hut and 2 cakes. I bet none of you have such delicious meal! HA-HA XD

Had fun for the whole day :))) Except when the part teacher announced the omfg-bad-news =X

Call him Bean. Old Bean. LOL XD

Two of my BFF =DD

Stop being curious why we had 2 teachers. I made this happen, ok? XD

Wei Hoe`Hao Yee`Weng Wah

I made him squad down because he's WAY taller than I am =X

Hao Yee, OH MY GOODNESS HE'S LIKE THE CUTEST GUY I'VE EVER MET! He's so damn funny and lame. Fatty fatty which makes me hit his tummy whenever I saw him. x) We got along together in a gang lately, and boy oh boy I hope this friendship never ends XD

Mana anjing tu~?

Wei Hoe, 1 of the best guy I've ever met :D! He actually accompany us when we're super emo. Even help us to take our food. So patient and so funny. Even though he actually went to Remove classes before, but this never stop us for being such besties. Never gonna regret of knowing him =DDDD!!

The most disturbing guy I've ever known. HAHAHA XD! And also 1 of the lamest guy I've ever known. OMG He even makes me feel better when I'm having my allergy. Aawwwh! xD Yes, I know I'm his best daughter too. HAHAHA =DD =/!
Zhi Yang, the one who always get bully. He's my classmate already for the 2nd year, and we still have fun with each other :D!

I have to stand lower because THEY.ARE.VERY.SHORT.HA.HA.HA. xD
I'm not tall, but at least I'm taller okey? XD

Qiao Zhang, OMG he is SO SHY! We actually talked to him once for like...HOURS. Because most of the conversation was talked by him. He even talked until he's out of breath! Which practically made us laugh at him...until now =X

Kok Dong, The freaking rich brat who claims that he's so damn pro. But the truth is, HE IS SO DAMN NOOB. NOOB-ER THAN I AM. NGEK =D! He probably is 1 of those whom goes out whenever he wants to which makes me jealous :(

2 Efektif!!

All of us =)
I told you, I got more boy friends instead of girls. If you notice, all the legs are guys excluding the 3 jimui.
I don't even remember who give the idea for taking a picture of our legs, is like 1 of the lamest things to do. Well, we still did it anyway and it looks good. HEHE =D


2Efektif, I know I've been noisy and annoying along the whole year. I thank all of you whom tolerates me. I'm sorry if I pissed you off. I seriously wish miracle would happen and we'll be classmates again next year. I'll pray and make it happen, so that all of you will be pissed of me again for another year. Hurray!


PS : If you notice, most of us naturally bend down while taking pictures. Don't ask why, I don't know too ._.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm hoping all of you will pray with me hard =]] Please?
Is my last and only hope now...


Monday, November 10, 2008

Cute award - Zhuin

So here's the rules that you should obey if you are tagged.
1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habbits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to live them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

Ten Random Facts About Me.

1. I am a girl :D not a boy even though I act like 1 =P
2. I love to go school because I will laugh a lot like siao zha boh
3. I love outings...A LOT
4. I am rude =(
5. I love to read but I'm not a nerd
6. I get real jealous easily for the one I care :S
7. I love kacau orang a lot xP
8. I have more boy friends than girl friends. Cause boy are more fun than girls o.o
9. I sometimes go emo more than I laugh in a day but eventually laugh more than I emo...HUH
10. I can on the computer for the whole day and not being in front of it

I tag these awesome people I know.
1. Amanda XD
2. Justina XD
3. Yong Shan XD
4. Hui Ying XD
5. Hui Xian XD
6. Shu Teng XD
7. Wen Yi XD
8. Daniel XD
9. Kent XD
10. Vivian XD


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Care to follow?

Just a click (okey maybe a few) and you'll be able to get my latest updates!

First one was Daniel. Will you be the next :D?


Friday, November 7, 2008

Guess where was I

Up on the plane (:

Leave a message in my chat box if you could guess ;D

Those whom I already told where I went are not allow to give tips, hints or anything which is related to the answer.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008






Over :D!!

Outings outings outings!!! x))

Ohya, today teacher gave us our class pictures XD

Was kinda amusing actually =P

Haha I covered Mei Kei's face because she was perasan-ing in school...again. ==

See see? I treat all of you damn good! Put you all in the heart XD!!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!