Monday, October 20, 2008

Outings - Sailor

I don't even know why the hell did I went out to the dark for. Is has nothing to do with me, why the heck am i invited!? =/!

Friday. The day where PMR ends. WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

Shan woke call me at 10:44AM in the morning just to shout tell me something that is totally unrelated dengan me -_-
Conversation went like this
"...hello? *blur*"
"...huh =.="

Actually I thought it was Amanda when she called me Carmen, I almost scolded *ahem* :X
Then when she continued her sentence, I only recognize that it was Shan (Though I still @6F#!)

She told me. Sailor Dinner. LM.

I asked my mom at the night when she's back from home and my mom went ^@$^@&!!!!!
But at last, I went la :P

Was late. Damn late I say. Only able to take group picture and a picture wif Shan before she left. Then I join the others to hang out =)

Mom disallow me to go Pasar Malam :/
Thanks for BERTOLERANSI-ing me x)!

I haven't get the pictures from Ying and Shan.
Satu cable donno put where. Satu lazy.



Tiada edition

dah dah dah

After getting and editing the pics only post again :)

I beh tahan exams. I beh tahan studying. Cant concentrate @@
I'm sooooooo dead for finals! D:
Pn Radin soooo gonna kill me!!... will she?
......or at least my mom will! DX