Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I seriously hate them

Those fucking cheaters

Especially those in my class, don't they know some people actually worked hard on our papers?

And you people just copy copy copy. Dude, you're such a failure

So what if you had the guts to cheat? You can't even answer Form 2 questions by your own!

I so freaking hate this kind of bastards

Worst still, those teachers didn't even notice. Like what the hell? I'm having my examination and I still know who's cheating. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TEACHERS!?

Are you all BLIND?

Do you have a BRAIN!?
=.=...Sorry, just imitating my English teacher :X

Hey, I AM sorry. Wanna see my sorry face?
Are ya happy now?


I love exams atmosphere XD!

You can see Old bean and I playing

You can see Mei Kei and Amanda playing

You can see PY and ZY keep arguing LOL

You can see KD disturbing HY xD!!

You can see WC playing with his friends which I don't know who

Hahaha XD

Memang funny

No one dares to make too loud noises, embarrassing ma! XD

Imma so dead for this finals ._.