Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday - Chicken ; Pui Yen

Ok lar. Before I post my pictures, have to wish this birthday girl first ;D

Today Yesterday was Mei Kei's birthday.

Wished her at 12am XD

But it was like "doot doot....doot doot... *pick up* HA *phone call end*"

Me : =.= TMD....


But lucky it was not in purpose, kalau tidak. >:)

Well well well, I knew this chicken dah almost 2 years.

And i regret so much. LOL

She's wild, crazy,...scary, freaky XD

But overall, she's still a great friend =)

Someone whom you can talk to whenever you're depress.

She'll be by your side =D

And...Happy Birthday Chicken :)



Warning : Please stay away from this chicken when she's bored. Any damage or accidents happens to you will not be responsible. Yes, she IS a scary chicken ._.


PS : Happy birthday to Pui Yen too ;D! See? I'm a great friend LOL xD