Sunday, September 28, 2008

My beh tahan list

I found out that Cheeser's I cannot tahan list is quite fun. So I did mine too XD

1. I beh tahan lalas especially how they dress and how they talk
2. I beh tahan people who type so flowerish like sHoO kAwAii n3rHxZx
3. I beh tahan Friendster for having so many applications to ignore


4. I beh tahan those who always throw rubbish everywhere and saying "NOTHING ONE LARH~"
5. I beh tahan those who don't care about the environment @^#$!&^$!!!
6. I beh tahan those wreckless drivers whom drive macam wtf. YOU WANT THEN YOU OWNSELF DIE LARH! DON'T TAKE MY LIFE WEI!
7. I beh tahan retards =_=
8. I beh tahan those people using fake accents acting to be cute
9. I beh tahan those whom think they're so damn good and acting bitchy to everyone
10. I beh tahan those whom cheat in test, and says that they study really hard
11. I beh tahan those whom goes overly kind to me
12. I beh tahan guys who act gay, they makes me wanna punch them up. WHERE'S YOUR PRIDE!?!?!!
13. I beh tahan when i go someone's blog, their blog is not updated. Thats why I hate my own blog =_=
14. I beh tahan racist. (No, not you Mervyn) I won't mind if you hate that specify person, but if because of him/her and you insult their whole race. PHWOARH, So unfair lor!
15. I beh tahan women who think they r so damn hot which are not even though I always do that myself x)
16. I beh tahan when someone suddenly stop in the middle of the crowd especially when I'm behind them. EXCUSE ME LA! WANT THEN GO TO THE SIDE LOR! SHOO SHOO
17. I beh tahan smokers...A LOT
18. I beh tahan people who whines a lot (OI NOT ME OK!? =/!) xD
19. I beh tahan xun zao xing fu bang =_= (Inside joke)
20. I beh tahan when people gave a deadly fart and don't admit =_=

21. I beh tahan those who goes to the toilet so damn long and made me wait for so damn long. On 2nd thought, I beh tahan public toilets -.-
22. I beh tahan freakin' teachers. I never understand them
23. I beh tahan players
24. I beh tahan Malaysia. Not the country I prefer =/
25. I beh tahan people who told a "joke" and expect people to laugh at it or even worst, laugh on their own so-called joke. FYI, SO NOT FUNNY -.-
26. I beh tahan when MCD can't deliver RAWR!!

27. I beh tahan when my morning is ruin
28. I beh tahan people who doesn't appreciate what you have helped them
29. I beh tahan when my English is sooooo sucky!
30. I beh tahan when I get so...beh tahan
31. I beh tahan when I had the urge to add on the list
32. I beh tahan...what else =/?

I actually still had a long way to go, but I don't want to bored you guys up.

What's your cannot tahan list? :D