Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yeah yeah yeah, Merdeka! Whatever =.="

Performance. Nahh~ Nothing to say (:
Saw the guy who went to space, he's tall and dark and malay.
Sorry that this post took so long, first, i was lazy. Second, ...still lazy =D

Camwhore a little after the whole thing end. Never post all the pictures (:

The so called CHOIR which didn't even sang a note which is listen-able (:

瘋狗 You know? =D Anjing gila XDD

Tanjung rambutan ah tao!

Inside the bus.

Almost half of the students in the bus stop at Leisure Mall, INCLUDING 4 of us *wide smiles*

Went to the toilet first LOL

Nice kan~ XD


Focus on the background LOL

Yeah yeah, they followed me LOL. Too bad, GOTCHA! x3

Bought the movie tickets and waited for So Kor ( Weng Fai ) to come.

Then went to Blue Zone to eat something.
Not bad =)) Later on, we just walk around until Mei Kei left.

Bought a sunglass with Amanda after Sokor left too.
Is the same design but both of us have different color x)

Night time, my family and I went to Time Square and watch Money No Enough.

Wah rao, touching like wtf!!!

Especially those parts like the children left the mother in the toilet and let her eat there, the grandmother pretend to be a beggar to get money for the sons because they have difficulty in financial, the grandmother was soooooooo ill that it looks like my grandmother when is on the bed =(, the grandmother sacrifice her life for the disrespectful granddaughter.

Wah seh, touching like OMG! DX
But some parts are funny also =DDDDD
Ahhh nice movie =)

Oh my gawd~ imagine how touching it is =P

Ok, enough typing. lalala~ =D