Friday, August 29, 2008

White smoke in SMK SM?

I was wowed when my father called me and say "Mei, your school is on fire". I went "Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttt....?!?!?!?!"

So i quickly went to the balcony and called Amanda to inform her. What? I memang 8 xD!
So she asked me to take some photos to show her.


Science lab?

Theres this blue shirt guy there XD Saw? Is in the middle of the picture

Theerreeeeeeee~ I thought he did something =.=" So i took a picture. =D

Car park o.o

When my mom came back, i straight away call her to see it. She did. and shocked.

Macam wing hahahaha

Then only found out, is the dengue spray something something. L-O-L-!
So the zha dou-ed!! =P Paiseh XD
Sorry to the blue shirt guy for misunderstanding even though he won't know it :)

Caught some pictures after taking pictures of my school.

Free for grap.

None edition and no links.

It looks quite weird without edition =/
Maybe edit it next time =)

*Caught another 2 pics =)*