Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lunch session

Went to lunch session with tercicir satu Sailor gang. Wheee =D

At first I didn't want to go, due to arguing with my parents about this. But then in the morning, received Shan and Ying sms, wah seh, ok la, go la go la XD

So I ended up at Tan Cha Ook. Called them and Ying call me to go Leisure Mall. Oh my ~.~ Meet them up at Minitoons.

Then after deciding where to eat...again. Finally, went back to Tan Cha Ook...again. So walked back there...again.



Ying o.o

After eating, we walked back to Leisure Mall...again. Then camwhore at Baleno or however you spell it.

Please do not proceed if you beh tahan too many of our pictures :D
I warned ya! ;p

I felt so...outstanding -.-"


-.-" i so cacat

Orange pie~ XD

Us :D

Haven't get some of the pictures, but even got it also won't upload it ;D
Stay tune at Christine's blog for more pictures after she could online with her laptop :D

Don't worry Miss Chibi, we still miss you xD!