Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lai Family

This is just a plain update I wanted to upload it long ago. Enjoy!

Lai Family has 5 members.

Firstly, we have our Old Bean.
The name Old Bean has been created by us, the daughters. Our Old Bean has been claiming that is been a hard job to "push" our mother(unknown) and raising us all up. He is funny, cute, and ugly with a lot of BEANS(pimple).

Next, would be me. I'm...me.

Then we have our lebbit! She's attractive, humorous, cute! Nice to talk to. Nice to play with. Can always makes you happy. Even though she can be a headache sometimes and irritates us by saying "DIM SUEN AHHH", she's still the 2nd daughter of our family.

Siew Wei is the 3rd daughter. She has a beautiful outlook and a melodious voice. Yet don't get cheated by her outlook. She has a...dirty mouth ._.

Then it'll be the chicken of the house. Having the best look out of us yet being the fierce-som of all. She's...SHORT! TEE HEE!!!

And here by I announce that each member of the Lai Family is being loved by me! (Yes, my perasan-ness came from here)

No matter how many hates are between us, No matter how many arguments we had, No matter how bad we say about each other, We'll still get back as a family and chat with jokes around like how we met.
The 5 member of the Lai Family will always be together as a heart. =D

This family will only has 5 members and no more. Even if our Old Bean has a girlfriend, its still wont be in the family...unless he's getting married. Then that may be a different story. LOL

Thank you.