Monday, August 4, 2008

Cultural night!

Cultural EVENING will be postpone to next Saturday.
Time : 6pm to 8:00pm
*Sorry for the previous spelling mistake XD!*
Friends and family are not allowable UNLESS you can sneak them in secretly ;D!
Food for performers are free and for non performers, price are still not confirm.
Rehearsal for Cultural Evening please ask from me in MSN. Thank you!


Cultural Night still not sure about the canceling part.
Blog will be updated for the latest news.

I'm sorry to say but SMK Seri Mutiara's Cultural Night is going to be cancel and is all because of a gym door. = =

Yesterday we were having our rehearsal for Cultural Night in the gym for very long, after the rehearsal end, everyone has already left. The committee would lock the gym door, and they did. But the gym door was already spoiled, a push of the locked gym door would let it open too. Today, Mr Chew taking a picture he took and showed it to the headmistress whose already hesitate about the night and complain about it. It was a picture of the gym door open.

The committee were accused for not locking the door and hesitated headmistress with bunch of opposition teacher decided the night should be cancel. Whaaatttt..?

No is not that simple. The teachers are worrying that the night would occur any sex scandal or vandalism. And teacher would have a big headache to control the students and comers if they doesn't cooperate. See? Is a big problem.

But without noticing it, canceling it may cause a BIGGER problem than THAT. If is canceling it, students would have to re-inform the outsiders they invited about it. Reputation of the school may decrease till the max. It'll caused a chaos for the school.

Other than that, performers had already bought their outfits. Just take 70's century dance group as an example, their group had only receive RM100 for the outfits and each of them can only get RM10. And per person full outfit cost almost RM100. Isn't that an heartache for them? The money are earned by their parents with sweats and blood, now is just wasted?
Even those who are coming had already bought their formal dress or even traditional dress specially for this event, it'll be a pain in the ass if their clothes are expensive.

The trust to the school from publicity will also be black listed. It'll be such a shame for the school. If it doesn't allow us to organize this event, why agreed it? Now, when everything is ready, it just say "No" and everything is gone. Now that's what I call unfair.

Yes, the school isn't always fair.

~Karumenu =S