Friday, August 8, 2008

080808 Olympic!


Countdown, NAH PATRICK xD

The flag and the prime minister of China...or something like that ._.


Damn cool wei this guy, he actually roll around and around and around and draw something out!

Reminds me of Kungfu Hustle = =

See? All rolling around!

See? McDonald...again

Scroll =O


Ey this part when they walk in, their line crooked you know ;D

Playing with dolls

Sorry la, but other pictures and video will be uploaded after a VERY LONG TIME.
Fecking blogger took hours just to upload ONE video and after 1 hour the video went back to 1MB loaded. WTF? Soooo, decided to upload it in YouTube, yet, STILL SLOW and connection kinda kanasai. Message me in MSN if you want it, unless you're patient enough to wait till i upload which takes almost a life time! :D




My reflection, LOL


Shoooooo cuteeeeee!!!

Update it till here first, continue it tomorrow =]]
Too sleepy xD
P/S : You can hear a lot of talks between my mom and i during the video :D


Hou mai gawd!

Today's after school atmosphere rocks. Especially dddgj gang, they DO have the Olympic spirit. They even sang "We are ready~" for the whole journey back from the training center. LOL. Even pass the bottle around as the torch relay and ran the whole hallway. When an auntie ask about our school, we told her our school just established for the 4th year, and they went "Yea, like Olympic, 4 year once so we celebrate now! YEA~~" LMAO

Approximately 2 more hours to go, can't wait!
Going to shout with Shan. LOL
Aaahh~~ Excited to watch the OPENING CEREMONY! Ok, I'm just excited for that. I don't put much interest in other programmes.