Saturday, July 26, 2008

Carlame ; Dark Knight

Just to say my current blog's layout required wide screen monitor to have a better view. Mozilla view is also WAY MUCH BETTER than Internet Explorer. Sorry for the inconvenience even though I doesn't care :D

Ouch. = =
I so yeng kan
Wear swim suit / ballet suit some more ftw? XD
My CURLY hair can even fly up wooo~~~


I, Kah Mun went to see Dark Knight with my bro,Kah Jun and his friend, Kah Choon.
See? All Kah :D
The movie was...OK LA =|
To me, was a little boring actually =X. It just gave me the "Oh..." reaction, not the "WOW!" or "OMG" reaction. =/
Though I DID get a few jumps of fright in the movie. LOL. Not one, but FEW XD!!
Even I amused myself LOL.
I jumped like so high up =D! Macam bungee jump HAHA = =
Nanana~ Other than that, Joker doesn't seems so scary in the movie.
Harvey Dent (Don't know what's the real name) looks even scarier LOL!!

This is the first time my brother takes me out with his friend. Whee~
He asked me a few times before, but I rejected him since I felt very pai seh in front of his friends. But doesn't know why, today I just accepted it and went on. LOL
Thank you lu blada for the movie and dinner :D

Omg, I'm so excited for cultural night. xD
Imagine ME wearing FORMALLY formal *Gasp!*. It'll be like a little kid playing dress up party. Awwwh...! xD
I want want want want want want want want want look great even though I have no date XD